Warranty Request Submission

Please read entire page thoroughly and the relevant section of this online manual prior to submitting a warranty request.

To submit a warranty request, simply go to the link located on the bottom of any of the warranty section on our website, www.tahoe-homes.com and fill in the necessary information. Please be as precise as you can on the descriptions of the area(s) of concern. The warranty appointment needs to be scheduled at least 10-14 days in advance. You will be contacted within 3 business days to confirm the warranty appointment. If after 3 business days you have not been contacted, please call into our office, 888-4333.

If you do not have email capabilities or would prefer to just mail the warranty request into our office, we have provided warranty request forms on the following pages. Tahoe will only recognize a warranty request on the email form or the warranty request forms provided in your homeowner packet.

If this is an emergency (loss of heat in the winter, loss of air-conditioning in the summer, a plumbing leak, or anything that is causing immediate damage to your home, or discomfort to you and or your family) please call the emergency phone numbers listed on your water heater or furnace.

If you are experiencing a loss of power or natural gas, please check with your neighbors to see if they are having the same loss. From time to time we do experience utility outages, which only the specific utility companies can correct. If your telephone or cable TV go out please call your service provider as we have nothing to do with either of those. If your pressurized irrigation does not work, please call the subdivision developer, homeowner president, or your irrigation district office. As your homebuilder we simply tie into the irrigation system, if we have supplied your sprinkler system.

Fiberglass Showers and Bathtubs

Although not covered under your new home’s warranty, any subsequent damage to your fiberglass tubs or shower units can and should be repaired. There are several companies in the area qualified to perform this service, the one that we recommend is BathCrest of Idaho and their number is 343-8000.

Appliance Warranty Request Instructions

Your appliances are the only items in your home whose warranties are not handled by Tahoe Homes. Sears is the company who has supplied the appliances and they will handle any warranty requests directly.

There are two steps to take in dealing with your appliance warranties. First, you’ll need to activate the warranty and second, make a warranty request.

Activating the appliance warranties: 1-800-827-6655, option 1. Tell the operator that you’ve moved into a new home and would like to activate your warranties. They’ll ask for your name, address, etc, as well as the installation date of the appliances. That date is located in your homeowner packet.

Requesting warranty service: 1-888-507-9312. After activating your warranty, you’ll have an “account” with Sears and they’ll be able to set up warranty calls for you based on the information you gave them in step 1.

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